Monday, 2 January 2012

Show and Tell

One of my favourite things my husband and I do is thrifting.  I find it so much fun rummaging through a shop in search for treasures.  Here is a few things we have recently picked up.
Pretty vintage table cloth
1967 Canonet 
1965 Exa to add to the collection
 Petit four stand, now all I need is some petit fours...ymmmm
Army hat from 1972

I am on holidays at the moment and plan on making a few more trips to certain areas in search for some more goodies, that is if I ever get over this cold, which I have had since the start of my holiday. I swear every time I have a holiday, without fail I come down with a cold or flu, it is so not fair!


candinkle said...

ooo i love the hat!

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