40 Weeks

(sorry a terrible photo of me, but I have mostly been in yoga pants and a t-shirt, with no make for the past week)

My 40th week of pregnancy has been....frustrating, I guess I would say. I haven't really had any signs that I will be going into labour anytime soon. I feel some pressure to hurry up and have this baby and feel annoyed with my body for not doing so.  I saw a mid wife today and she booked me in on Tuesday for inducement, it's at this point I started crying....ergh, I really don't want to be induced. She checked me and I'm 2cm dilated, which is something I guess.  I probably would of lost it again if I wasn't at all.  She also gave me a sweep, not really the most pleasant thing in the world, but if it helps me go into labour then I don't care how unpleasant it is.  I've been going for walks every day, and doing most of the things they recommend to help bring on labour. Oh well, rest assured in less then a week we will have a baby, ready or not.

39 Weeks

The last piece of fruit I'll compare her to is the jackfruit.  Her skull bones won't fuse until after she's born.  Those unfused bones will be able to overlap a bit when she's going through the birth canal.  This is the reason our baby's head may look a little cone-shaped after birth. Luckily this is normal and only temporary.

Well I'm still pregnant....and I've been getting more and more uncomfortable as the days pass, things are getting pretty cramped, there is just no more room in there!  Each night before I go to bed I think is tonight going to be the night? I guess I just need to be patient, I mean it's going to happen soon enough and I should enjoy this time to myself, but it's hard, I'm impatient and am getting a little bored. I thought I would be really nervous at this point, but I'm really not, I just want to met this little person (and to get my body back to myself!)

38 Weeks

Wow she's gotten big, she is now the size of a watermelon (a small one I hope!). Our baby's about to greet the world! But only 5% of babies are born on their due date and a whopping 75% are born later. She's building a layer of fat and is shedding the greasy, white substance which has been protecting her skin. It's likely she already measures about 51cm and weighs a bit over 3.2kg

I first wore this dress here at 17 week, it fits me a little differently now.
I write these posts at the end of my 38/37 ect. week, so this  means I now only have ONE week until my due date! Although I am not yet really uncomfortable, and am still enjoying my pregnancy I feel really impatient and I would very much like to have this baby sooner then later.  But I will miss being pregnant, and have a big list of things I will miss:
my big belly, people are nicer to you and you get special treatment (people offer you the place in line/there seat), the lovely looks from complete strangers, feeling the baby kick, having great skin and nails, feeling really healthy (I guess it's probably cause of the no drinking and really watching my diet), dressing around my belly.
Ok, and there are also some things I look forward to: 
sleeping on my belly (I am so freakin sick of sleeping on my side!), not having to wake up a million times a night to go to the toilet (I guess this will be exchanged for a crying baby) being able to pick things up from the floor with out it being a ordeal, fitting into clothes with a waistline,  I think that's it, oh wait, having a baby...duh. 
I've really enjoyed this whole pregnancy thing, I must admit the beginning was a bit shit, although I didn't really get nausea, I did feel so incredibly tired all the time.  Other than that it's been wonderful. I hope by this time next week I don't have to write one of these post and I have my beautiful gorgeous darling in my arms, but we'll just have to wait, wait, wait and see.

37 Weeks

(I've been playing music to her from about 21 weeks, she seems to really like it,
well she is certainly more active when I put the head phones on my belly)

They say she is the size of a Winter Mellon. With baby's head now in my pelvis, she has more room for her growing legs. If her head has engaged and is cradled in my pelvis, she'll have more room for her 2.8kg body and 50cm length. Many babies now have a full head of hair.

I'm now less fearful and more excited about child birth. I really can't wait to meet this little person and as I'm now considered full term, it could happen any day now, it's just a matter of when?  I have been watching a program called One Born Every Minute, I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing to watch when your about to go into labour. But it is very interesting to see how different people handle pain, and it makes me wonder what I'll be like. I'm not really sure what my pain tolerance is like to be honest, the only pain I've really had to endure is getting a tattoo and well I think I handled it ok, but I guess it's a completely different pain.
I'm quiet ready to have this little bub, my labour bag is packed, baby bag pack, birth plan typed out, car seat installed, labour songs on c'd, pretty much everything is set to go.

36 Weeks

She is the size of a honey dew. By the end of this week I will be full term. She can be safely born any day now and is not classed as premature.  She is still gaining weight, about 28 grams a day and now weighs nearly 2.7kg and is about 47cm long.  I may start to feel increased pressure in my lower abdomen as she engages.

This week has been a little calmer then last week.  I have had some semi decent sleeps, with only a couple of nights of no sleep.  I am finding it hard to relax though, I feel as though there is so much I want done before bub arrives and I want it done NOW!  When she moves now my entire belly moves, like there is a little wave inside my tummy. You would think I'd be used to it by now, but I am completely mesmerised and can't stop staring at it.  We had a mid wife appointment this week and was very pleased when she examined me and informed us that bub was in the anterior position.  The previous visit she was posterior, which, if she stayed like that can make labour very long and painful. So I have been trying to not sit back on the couch or when seated and been getting on all fours every night to encourage her to looks like it has paid off.

35 Weeks

She will be around the size of a coconut this week. When she stretches and squirms about, her elbow, foot, or head now protrude from my stomach. She weighs about 2.4kg and measures around 45cm. Soon, as the wall of my uterus and abdomen stretch thinner and let in more light, she'll develop cycles of sleeping and waking

So my first week of maternity leave has not been as relaxing as I had hoped.  I've been running around getting things organised, it's almost been as exhausting as working. We have also had a bad experience will a dodgy retailer, which has been really stressful, frustrating and I get so worked up just thinking about it.  We bought a glider chair and to make a long story short, it was defected and the retail would not give us a refund or supply us with a new chair in a reasonable amount of time.  Pretty much he was being an absolute asshole. Luckily my resourceful husband went straight to the manufacturer and got it sorted out.  We have since found out that there are many complaints about the store with similar problems. I really wish I'd found out about all the complains before hand as we have spent a bit of money there, and this store should not be in business. So we are going to report them, don't know if it will do any good though.  It doesn't help that I've had insomnia. I mean I can get to sleep ok, as I'm usually pretty tired by the end of the day, but staying asleep is the tricky part. I usually wake up around 2ish and stay awake until around 5ish. I really hope I can get a good sleep in before bub arrives. Next week should be relaxing though....well I hope!

34 Weeks

This week she's a butternut squash! She is now building her fat layers to help keep at the correct temperature.  These fat layers show in the way she's gradually filling out an getting rounder.  The fat helps her to regulate her body temperature after birth. She now weighs more then 2.2kg and is around 45 cm long.

This week was my last week at work...big, big sigh. I had planned to stay until the end of the month, but I just couldn't take another week of being on my feet all day. It's nice to know I can just relax now and have time to get everything organised.  It's also kind of strange and this really makes me realize that this is the start of a whole new chapter of my life.  I'm hoping I will be able to catch up on some sleep as I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Waking up a million time to go to the toilet, sore aching legs, having trouble rolling over and a snoring husband have made sleep quite difficult; so perhaps some afternoon naps are in order.

33 Weeks

She is now the size of a Durian (ouch).  She might be positioning herself for birth now - upside down and head down.  Although she might be perfectly positioned now, some babies do decide to turn around again.  She now weighs in at about two kilograms and measures approximately 44 cm from head to toe.

I've have a much better week emotionally I guess, definitely a lot less tears anyway.  I've had lots of family time with my brother staying with us, trekking up the coast and visiting my other brother where he is staying.  It's been really great. They will be heading home this week, which is really upsetting.  Who knows how long it will be before I get to see them again.
I've had some short sharp pains in my cervix,  which my sisters have assured me is pretty normal, but I'll have to check it out with the mid wife at my next appointment.  I've also been getting period like pain, and back pain, nothing too bad, but just something I've noticed.

32 Weeks

She's now the size of a squash! By now she may have a full head of hair - or perhaps just a few wisp. She weighs approximately 1.7kg and measures about 42 centimetres long from head to toe.  Although her lungs won't be fully developed until just before birth, she is busy inhaling amniotic fluid.  This is to exercise her lungs and practice breathing.

I had a rocky start to the week.  I had a sleepless night worrying about this, that and everything, and had to take the day off work as I had literally no sleep.  I needed to go to see a doctor and it was a clinic I had not been to before.  I got to the clinic and realised I had gone to the wrong one, same suburb different practice.  Anyway I all of a sudden felt extremely upset and burst into tears and could not stop crying. I don't even really know why I was crying. I was pretty embarrassing.  I have been a bit weepy on and off this week,  I guess that's just the pregnancy hormones.  Also work is starting to become more of a challenge and I'm feeling really tired and worn out from being on my feet for most of the day.  My official maternity leave date is the 18th, but I can go beyond that, I just need a medical certificate each week to say I'm fit to work.  I really hope I can work until the end of the month,  that means more money and most importantly more time with bubba.

31 Weeks

So now she is the size of a pineapple (doesn't that conjure up horrifying imagery?).  She's running out of space!  Her arms, legs and body are still filling out - and at last they're proportional in size to her head.  In fact, she's looking more like a newborn.  She's now weighing in at about 1.5kg and measures about 41cm from crown to toe. It's no wonder she's running out of space.

Had a midwife appointment today and everything is coming along well, I love hearing that little "chuga chuga" sound when they use the doppler to hear her heart beat.  I really hope I have the midwife we saw today when I go into labour; she was really lovely.  She went over alot of labour options and it occurred to me that it's quite possiable this baby could be born really soon. A friends sister has just had her baby 5 weeks early, I have always thought I would go fairly close or even over my due date, as from most of the stories I have read many first mothers go over their due date.  If I go early I could quite possibly have this baby at the end of this month or early June!!!  Argh...I'm so not ready for that!  So I have to start writing up a birth plan,  organising a playlist and finalise the nursery and probably plenty of other things I need to prepare.  
my ribs are starting to take a beating from little legs kick me there; aside from being uncomfortable it makes me really breathless.  I only really notice that at the end of day when I'm relaxing on the couch or when I sit.   Oh yeah and I have started to notice her hiccupping, it's so cute, Mikey can feel it too.

30 Weeks

She is now the size of a cucumber.  Her brain is working overtime these days, developing faster than ever.  Connections between individual nerve cells are growing at a frenetic clip, and she can now perceive information from all five senses.  So what is she doing all day in there, well apparently making faces, hiccupping, swallowing, breathing, pedalling with little hands and feet along my uterine wall, and even sucking her thumb. In fact some babies suck their thumbs so vigorously while in the womb that they're born with a callus on their thumbs, awww.

I'm trying to take it a bit easier this week, I think I over did it last week and am feeling really sore.  I never knew how much being pregnant could make even the most simple of thing so hard and tiring, for goodness shake even getting out of the car is becoming a struggle.  I'm also feeling quite big all of a sudden, and have realised I now have a noticeable waddle.  I can't imaging what I'm going to feel like in a month or so from now.

29 Weeks

She is now the size of a butternut squash.  Her hone marrow has taken over production of red blood cells (before , tissue groups and then the spleen took care of producing the blood cells).  This is an important step for her because it means she is better able to thrive on her own once born.  Much of the lanugo - the soft, downy hair covering her body - is beginning to disappear now because both fat and the brain are regulating her body temperature.

I have had a really great week, busy, but still really good.  I am feeling pretty exhausted though, hopefully I'll get some rest on the week-end.  Baby's kicks have gone from a jabbing feelings to a really squirmy feeling, things must be getting pretty tight in there.  My belly is getting pretty itchy too, from all the stretching I guess, so I have been applying lots and lots of bio oil (hopefully this will also prevent stretchies, fingers crossed).   Mikey and I went to baby education class this week, and it has giving me confidence we are probably going to do ok looking after our little bundle of joy....well compared to some other people in our class.  Now I'm no expert on babies, but some things are just common logic ( nurse: always supervise your baby around dogs.  expecting mother: how about poodles are they ok....*face palm*) The class went from 6pm to 8:30pm, which is a really long time, there are 3 more classes and I don't know if I can take 3 more, I don't want to miss out of any invaluable information, but so far it's just common sense.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant I have been constantly reading baby books, magazines and stuff on the net, so maybe that's why I found the class so basic.

This arrived in the mail this week, I was going to make my own, but I decided on this one as I like that this is musical and it's still really cute.  Now I just need to figure out how to put it together!

28 Weeks

This week she is the size of a Rutabaga (what ever the hell that is) which is about 38cm.  She can now blink her eyes, which now sports lashes.  She'll also turn in direction of light if she notices bright light shining through the wall of my uterus.  Her fat layers are starting to form as she gets ready for life on the outside.  Her bones are nearly developed too, but they're still pliable.

We went to a mid wife appointment this week and everything is coming along nicely; she is facing downward, but she can still move around in there, so that may change, but hopefully not.  I also had a glucose test done, that's were they give you a sugary drink and then take some blood an hour later.  I'll get the results for that in a couple of days.  I really hate having to interact to the people at the hospital, they are just so mean, and lack basic people skills, which you would think would be part of your job description working at a hospital.  Luckily all the midwives I have seen have been friendly and I hope it stays that way, I really don't want a cranky bitch when I'm giving birth.

27 Weeks

About 37cm long and weighing 900g she is now the size of  a cauliflower.  This week sees activity in our baby's brain as more of her brain tissue develops.  At the same time, the characteristic grooves start to appear on the brain's surface.  Her eyes open and close and she sleeps and wakes at regular intervals. Some experts believe that babies begin to dream about now

I wonder what a foetus could possibly dream about???
I've noticed she now wakes up about 5:30 in the morning and does a little aerobic work out for about 45 minutes and then goes back to sleep. Kind of annoying, especially when I find the last hour of sleep before I have to get up for work so precious.
And......Hello third trimester!  I can't believe I'm in my last trimester already, it's going by so fast.  Before I know it our baby will be here.  It's kind of scary to think that we will have a real living human baby in about 12 weeks, but on the other hand it's also really exciting as I will be meeting this little person that I already love so much.
This week I've had a strong urge to get the house organised and clean,  I think they call it nesting.  So we have made a start at cleaning out the study and craft room, in order to prepare for the baby's room.  It's a really big job, and is taking longer then I'd hoped, both Mikey and I have a lot of stuff we really just need to get rid of.  I can't wait until all the crap is gone and we can start decorating the babies room.

26 Weeks

Little bub is about the size of a lettuce.  Her eyes begin to open around now and her response to sound is more consistent.  Toward the end of the seventh month, the network of nerves to her ear is complete, which makes her response to sound better.  She now measures about 35.6cm and about 760grams.  She's still continuing to take small breaths and, although she's only breathing in water and not air, it's good practice for when she's born.

This week has definitely been better then last week.  I feel less anxious about work and I feel less home sick towards my old job, although by the end of the day I am absolutely shattered and I have been waking up tired and sore (boo hoo hoo).  Her kicks are getting stronger and stronger, they have actually made me gasp.  Mikey had is hand on my belly and I could see his hand vibrating from her big kicks.  I've also started to feel her around my ribs, which is pretty uncomfortable, and I can only imaging that it is going to get worse.  That being said I absolutely adore be pregnant,  the second trimester has been really great and I love watching my belly get bigger and bigger. 

24 Weeks

She is now the size of an eggplant (34.6cm) and weighs about 660g. There's no air in her lungs yet - just amniotic fluid - but she's making movements that look like breathing.  She's getting some baby fat too and her wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out.  She's also growing more hair - if you could see it, you'd be able to discern its colour and texture.

I've had a pretty crappy week, I started my new job and I'm all out of wack.  I have to learn my way around the office and have to ask a heap of stupid questions.  I miss the people from the old job and knowing how to read them and where I stood, now I have to relearn it all.  I'm sure it will get better with time, but in the mean time I just feel a little useless and a bit lost.  I can't wait for the week-end so I can just relax as I'm absolutely knackered!

23 Weeks

This week she is the size of a grapefruit.  Her blood vessels have developed in her lungs.  though they are already beginning to develop surfactant, a substance that will help the lungs expand after she is born, the lungs are still too under-developed to sufficiently send oxygen to the bloodstream and release carbon dioxide when she exhales.  Her nostrils, which have been plugged up until now, are starting to open this week.  This actually allows her to take practice breaths.

It's been a really busy week and I feel pretty exhausted, I just wish I had more time to do things other then work.  I'd really love to wake up early and do some pilates before work and do things after work, but honestly I am too tired.  Maybe I'm just being lazy and I should just make myself do it.
For anyone who debates baby brain, I am living proof of it.  I showed up a day early (yes a whole day) to my nephew's birthday party.  Which was particularly painful as it was on the sunshine coast (a hour and a half from our house) and early in the morning.  We then had to turn around and go home as my sister wasn't home and we had to do it all again the next day!  I could probably start a weekly blog of all the stupid things I've been doing.
Oh yeah we bought this pram; I was so unenthused at the thought of buying one, for starters they are quite expensive and then, most of them are really ugly.  But I'm actually pretty excited at the prospect of wheeling our bubba around in this thing.  So that means we have all our big ticket iteam out of the way, all we need now are the smaller things....Yay!

22 Weeks

Our little darling is about the size of a paw paw (28cm).  She is now looking recognisably like a baby.  Her lips are becoming more distinct and her eyes have developed; though the irises haven't got their colour yet,  her eyebrows and eyelids are in place.  Her pancreas, which is essential for hormone production, is developing steadily and the first signs of teeth are there now, showing beneath her gum line.  If you could see inside my womb you would be able to spot the fine hair (lanugo) now covering her body.  At this point I should gain about 225 grams each week.

I spent the week-end in Sydney for my friends wedding.  It was such a beautiful day, she looked so beautiful, I almost cried when she came in.  I also got a great surprise when a dear friend who lives in Darwin, and was not expected, turned up.  I had a lot of very early mornings, late nights and lots and lots of walking, which I am now still recovering from!
We got a 3D ultrasound this week;  it was so incredible.  We could see the features of her face and when we had a look at her little legs I could see her kicking and feel it.  I believe she even flipped us off at one point.  I totally recommend getting it, it was worth the extra cash.
Also her kicks are getting so strong I can now see my belly moving, I love it!

Look she's smiling at us!

21 Weeks

Our baby girl is about the size of a big banana.  She now weighs about 360g, up until now she has been measured from crown to rump but from this point on measurements will be from the crown to heel.  And from crown to heel she is approximately 27cm long.  The eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed and the fingernails cover the fingertips.  She can now hear my conversations, so I guess it's now time that we start reading to her.  Some studies have found the newborns will suck more vigorously when read to from a book they heard frequently in utero.

I got the job!  I start in a couple of weeks, I actually don't think they know I'm pregnant.  Which is funny considering it's in the same company just a different department, I guess they will soon find out though (when I walk in with my big belly....awkward).  Getting this job is a big relief as it means more money now, for maternity leave and also when I go back to work. Money has been a stressful thing to think about, arrrggh I hate money!  I wonder how are we going to cope on one income when maternity leave runs out?  I guess we will survive and figure it out, but it's scary, especially when you just don't know how it's all going to work.  There is actually a lot of things I have been nervous about since becoming pregnant - money for one, will I like being a parent and what kind of parent will I be? What will my body look like after pregnancy and will I get back in shape? And don't even get me started about labour, actually I try not to think about that too much.  But you know what I really have way more that I'm looking forward to, I guess it's just fear of the unknown. I feel like Mikey and I have become even closer then before and I feel extremely bless to have such a wonderful husband and to have this life growing inside me, I have so much to be thankful for.

20 Weeks

Our baby is about the size of a rockmelon.  This week the baby will be swallowing more of the amniotic fluid.  Any excess water will move into her large bowel.  A whitish coat of a slick, fatty substance called vernix caseosa is beginning to cover her.  This helps to protect her skin during her long immersion in the amniotic fluid.  

I've made it to the half way point; 20 more weeks to go!  I can now feel her kicking on a daily basis, which is the best feeling.  Her kicks are getting stronger day by day and Mikey got to feel a couple the other night.
I'm suffering from baby brain in an almost embarrassing fashion. I'm forgetting words, making really stupid mistakes and being generally absent minded, which I am going to blame on pregnancy, cause I can.  

19 Weeks

Our baby is the size of a mango.  At this stage, her five senses are starting to develop.  The nerve cells serving each of her senses - taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch - are now developing in their specialised areas of her brain.  She now measures around 15 cm and weighs about 240g.  She now has roughly six million eggs in her ovaries!

I am finally starting to look pregnant, instead of looking like I've been eating too much dessert. I got my maternity clothing for work, and it is frigging ridiculous; the pants have an insanely massive crotch and expand to about double the size on either side.  The shirt is also massive and is more like a dress, but I would be unable to wear it as one as the buttons only come to the crotch so you would be able to see my underwear.  Just cause I'm pregnant doesn't mean I have to look frumpy and ugly...ssshhheeshh

We went to our first pregnancy education class at the hospital.  We learnt about all the terrible things your body can do during pregnancy (hello varicose veins in the vulva!),  how to exercise our pelvic floor and transverses abdominal muscles,  how to look after our back, and how to poo correctly!  Ummm that's right, who knew it was all so complicated?

18 Weeks

Baby is the size of a sweet potato.  Soft cartilage-like bones are starting to harden, making calcium and vitamin D an important part of your diet ( explains why I have been craving so much dairy).  Reflexes are almost fully developed.  The fetus hiccups, yawns and moves around inside the womb.

Yep, I can definitely feel the baby kick; I thought I could feel it last week, but had been advised it starts off as  a fluttering or bubbleish feeling.  It doesn't feel like that, it's more like a small spasm in my stomach or a tiny kicking feeling, I can't wait until Mikey can feel it too, it's the best feeling.  We went to our 18wk scan this week (our first scan) I was so excited I had trouble sleeping.  Now I can stop calling the baby, baby or it, and start using SHE! We were both hoping for a girl (not that we would of cared if it was a boy) so we are pretty happy. She is healthy and a real wriggler, the ultrasound person had trouble getting some shots as she was moving so much.  It was really amazing to see our baby and pretty emotional.
We decided not to get the 12wk scan as they are mainly checking for down syndrom, and had heard  stories of other people being told that their baby would be highly likely to have it, then it turns out they don't, so we weighed up all the pros and cons of this scan and decided not to have it, mainly so we didn't have to worry unnessesarily.  Ironicly I did worry because we didn't have it,  so next time (if there is a next time) I think I'll get that first scan done.  It's really reassuring to see your baby on that screen.
Before the scan, I had to drink 500ml of water then hold for almost 2hrs.  I have the most pathetic bladder and have to pee every 5 mins, so this was really hard for me, especially when the sonographer pushed the ultrasound into my bladder!

17 Weeks

Baby is now the size of a large onion.  His or her skeleton is hardening, changing from rubbery cartilage to bone, and fat is finally accumulating around it.  The umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger, and it's little fingers and toes are now topped by one of a kind prints.

I had a really scary job interview this week;  same work place, just a different position.  I actually had to perform a 10 minute presentation... talk about terrifying!  Anyway, it went quite well and I just hope I'm not (secretly) discriminated against because I'm pregnant.  My work clothes are getting pretty tight and uncomfortable to wear, I don't know how much longer I'll be able to fit into them.  I have maternity uniforms on the way, but who knows how long it will take to receive them, and I have a feeling they are going to be hideous.  

I have been feeling pretty great; I have my old energy levels, which is a relief.  Being sick and tired all the time can be a bit depressing.  
Next week we are having an ultrasound and will be able to find out the sex!  I am so excited, I can't wait to see this little bubba, and I have been putting of buying stuff for bub until I knew, so I'll be able to go nuts.  

16 Weeks 

Baby is the size of an avocado, tiny bones are forming in its ears, which means it can now pick up on our voices.  Eyebrows, lashes and hair are starting to fill in, and tastebuds are forming..  tastebuds!
This week has bought great skin!  When I first became pregnant my skin went bezerk...totally not happy with all the new hormones I guess.  It has finally settled down and is looking better then it has in years, thank God, bad skin really gets me down.  I've been getting a achy tummy, as in muscle achy, and it's getting uncomfortable to lay on my back.  I have a lot more energy and thanks to some antibiotics my sinuses are clearing up, I can finally breath through my's been a while!

15 Weeks

(Me without make-up, looking red eyed and sick, but at lest I got out of my pyjamas)

Baby is about the size of an orange this week, it's eyelids are still closed but the eyes may now perceive light and it may have started to suck it's thumb (awww)
This week is fairly similar to last week where I have been sick with this stupid cold, which has now turned into sinus infection (yay) I can't wait to shake it...I JUST WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE (a little dramatic I know, but hey I'm pregnant; I'm allowed)
Some unexpected changes I've noticed since becoming pregnant is that my nails are much stronger and grow really quickly, my heels have become quite dry, I am always thirsty; this is particularly annoying at night as I also have to pee more now that I'm pregnant, so I have lots of trips in the middle of the night,  I get full a lot quicker, so I have to eat lots of little meals.
I'm finding some of my clothes are getting pretty tight, mainly jeans. My sister gave me a belly belt/extender, although I'm not big enough for that yet; I guess I'm in that in between stage.

14 Weeks

I'm now in my second trimester! Apparently baby is about the size of a lemon, hair is starting to sprout from it's little head and is making facial movements like frowning and squinting.  In my first trimester I got away with only mild nausea, but fatigue got me bad.  I told work a little earlier then I wanted to as I feared they may have thought I had developed a drinking problem and was always hung over!  Towards the end of that trimester the fatigue eased up and I started to feel pretty good, then I came down with a cold, since then all I seem to do is sleep; it's really quite pathetic, but oh well I'm sure once the cold has passed I will start feeling more energic (fingers crossed).  I can not get enough of  milo and grapefruit at the moment, but had to cut down on the grapefruit as I was eating so many my teeth started to get sensitive...ha.
It's still hard for me to believe I am actually pregnant and have a little person growing in my belly, I guess once I start showing and can feel the baby move around it will become more real, I look forward to that.


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