Peter Pan Collar

What you will need:

  • 30cm Fabric
  • 1cm Bias tape ( I first tried with . 5cm tape and found it too difficult to sew to my fabric)
  • Scissors and pins
  • Sewing machine

Peter pan collars are the best, and with a detachable one you can wear it with what ever suits your fancy.
I have seen these kind of collars in stores and always stopped myself from buying one as it looked fairly simple to make.  So I went through some patterns I had to find a peter pan collar template, but really it wouldn't be too hard to make your own.  So here's how I did it.

Find your pattern or draw up your own. Maybe one day I'll make the whole dress, I just love old patterns and the awesome pictures on them.

Pin to your fabric and cut out four pieces.
With wrong sides facing sew, leaving the top part open.
Turn out so the right side is showing.  Iron, then baste the top part closed, then trim fairly close to the edge, this makes it easier to attach the bias tape.

Pin and sew the bias tape, making sure you have enough tape so you can tie it around your neck.
And then you are done.  Easy peasy!

Happy Cactus Pin Cushion

You will need:
  • 40cm x 10cm of fabric
  • stuffing
  • pen and paper
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • terracotta pot 6cm diameter

I made a shape that vaguely resembles a fish at about 16cm in length,

Pin, then cut out 4 of these shapes,

pin, then sew one by one, turn right side out.

Sew his little face on.  I drew it on first, then went over it with the needle and thread.
(in hindsight this would of been easier to do before I sewed all the pieces together)

Stuff with stuffing, then sew ends closed.

Place into pot, tie ribbon on and place in pins...but be gentle!



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