Sunday, 28 October 2012

I'm not dead

I'm not dead, just a little slack! I've been neglegting this little blog, as I've been caught up in the whirlwind of motherhood. But I would like to make more of an effort as I really do enjoy having this little space to document my life.
Over the last week and a bit life seems to be getting a little easier; I think I'm becoming more confident as a parent, and you see, previously it would take forever for Violet to settle down to sleep - not every single time, but most of the time. It was really stressful trying to get her to sleep, rocking her cot, sshhhing, and patting; hearing her cry is heartbreaking. But recently she has started sucking her thumb, and is now able to sooth herself with it. I put her in her cot, thumb goes in and she's off to sleep. Sigh.

As you can see she has her thumb in her mouth so much, she has got chafe marks. It's on her other hand too... Cute!
Not too much has really been going on to be honest, I've been neglecting my all my hobbies and pretty much all my time, energy, and thought goes into Violet.  I really have become quite dull indeedie.
Here's a look at whats been happening in my world.

1. Motorcycle rides with daddy 2. Cheeky praying mantis joining me while I was hanging out the washing 3. Mikey and I out for lunch 4. My breakfast was so yummy I had to take a photo (avocado and balsamic tomatoes on toast) 5. Cutie Patooie 6. Feets 7. I seriously take too many photos of my food (quinoa and beans)


paperdoll said...

Hooray! I need to visit again soon... she is getting so big so quickly.

Babies... I want one.

Suzie said...

You totally should already...I need more friends with babies!!! And I agree we should have catch-ups soon!

Pink Parri said...

Oh I really must come and visit! Violet is Beautiful! :)

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