Monday, 4 June 2012


I'm a list maker, my mother was a list maker, I think I got it from her.  I bought this book a couple of weeks ago and so far all it is filled with is lists. I get anxious from time to time and if I can write out a list of things I want to accomplish and a time frame I feel more in control.  So I guess it's no surprise that this book is filling up quickly, child birth and becoming a parent are on my mind.  Don't get me wrong I am so excited to meet this little person, but it also freaks the shit out of me too!


paperdoll said...

I'm a total list whore. I love absolutely everything about list writing! In fact I will generally set aside time, with a tea or wine, once a day purely for list writing. In fact reading your list makes me wanna grab out my notebook and write one ;-D

Pink Parri said...

Haha I am a list writer too! Makes me feel better about everything after I have written it down :) xoxo

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