Friday, 25 May 2012

34 Weeks

This week she's a butternut squash! She is now building her fat layers to help keep at the correct temperature.  These fat layers show in the way she's gradually filling out an getting rounder.  The fat helps her to regulate her body temperature after birth. She now weighs more then 2.2kg and is around 45 cm long.

This week was my last week at work...big, big sigh. I had planned to stay until the end of the month, but I just couldn't take another week of being on my feet all day. It's nice to know I can just relax now and have time to get everything organised.  It's also kind of strange and this really makes me realize that this is the start of a whole new chapter of my life.  I'm hoping I will be able to catch up on some sleep as I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Waking up a million time to go to the toilet, sore aching legs, having trouble rolling over and a snoring husband have made sleep quite difficult; so perhaps some afternoon naps are in order.


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