Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What I wore: Suprise Date

I love looking at these kinds of posts on other peoples blogs, and have wanted to do one since I started this blog, so perhaps this will be the first of many.  Last week Mikey said he had a surprise for me on Wednesday night, I thought at first it was going to be an episode of the new Mad Men and maybe Indian for dinner.  But then he told me to dress smart and that we had to be ready to go by 6pm....definitely not Mad Men, nope it was way better then that.  He took me to a yummy burger place, where I ate the biggest burgers I have ever had and shared a lindt milk shake yum.  Then he took me on a walk through South Bank where we ended up at Qpac where Annie was playing!  Annie is one of my all time favourite childhood movies, my sisters and I watched this movie about a million times and I pretty much know all the words to it, so as you could imaging I was so super excited to be going to see it.  And it was amazing, Mikey who had never seen it loved it too! 
Ahhh I have the best, most thoughtful husband.

Dress: Streetcar Tour Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Novo
Nails: Sally Hensen
Tights: Target


candinkle said...

wicked nails! ... and you can get Lindt milkshakes?!

paperdoll said...

I love everything about this outfit.
Quite simple I want that dress.
I heart those adorable nails.
And I love the belly.

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