Saturday, 7 April 2012

See ya March

March was a great month, I achieved most of the things on my list:

* Save money! Done, I guess there is always room for improvement in this area, but not too bad.
* Start sewing the quilt I have planned for my little girl. Well I've started, still got a little bit to go.
* Start yoga classes. Yep, it's going well, it would be good to do this more than once a week though. I think I might start doing it at home too
* Plan more yummy healthy meals. I think we had some pretty healthy meals, although I've been craving sweets a lot and eat a bit too much dessert.  Might cut down this month (probably setting myself up for failure with Easter and all).
* Prepare the nursery.  We made a start, its a big job.
* See more friends, I did see more of my friends, would love to see more of them though
Clean my car! fail

I don't think I'll make a goal list for April, I'll keep working on the March list and just try to take it a bit easier this month.  I hope April is as good as March.
Also thought I might mention some notable things I experienced in the last month.
Music - The Black Keys; El Camino, really good album, it's on high rotation at the moment.
The Shins; Port of Morrow, very much a typical Shins album, nothing really amazing and new, but hey I like The Shins, so I'll continue to listen.
Movies - We watch quite a few movies, but I only made it to the end with a few;
50/50: loved this movie, it's funny and emotional. I don't know if it's the hormones, but I cried a fair bit in this.
My Week with Marilyn: I enjoyed it, not as much as I'd hoped, and it did seem to go for a really long time, but still a pretty good movie.
Super, this has Ellen Page (love her!) and the weird guy from The (U.S) Office. The trailers looked really funny and it was, but it is also quite violent. It's a really strange mix of comedy and explicit violence.  I loved the comedic side of this, not too sure about the rest.
Sara Lee Cookies and Cream - haha, I had to mention this! I ate way too much of this last month, curse my husband for introducing it to me!
Sumo wrestling - a friend had a birthday and hired sumo suits, although I couldn't have a go, it was still hilarious to watch, and made even better by sumo obstacle course we made up, once the wrestling got old.


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