Friday, 23 March 2012

25 Weeks

She is now the size of an eggplant (34.6cm) and weighs about 660g. There's no air in her lungs yet - just amniotic fluid - but she's making movements that look like breathing.  She's getting some baby fat too and her wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out.  She's also growing more hair - if you could see it, you'd be able to discern its colour and texture.

I've had a pretty crappy week, I started my new job and I'm all out of wack.  I have to learn my way around the office and have to ask a heap of stupid questions.  I miss the people from the old job and knowing how to read them and where I stood, now I have to relearn it all.  I'm sure it will get better with time, but in the mean time I just feel a little useless and a bit lost.  I can't wait for the week-end so I can just relax as I'm absolutely knackered!


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