Wednesday, 29 February 2012

March Goal List

I think I need to set some goals for March.  I love to make lists, it makes me feel motivated and more in control.  Hopefully by the end of March I will be able to tick off all of the things on this list.

* Save money! Last month I didn't do so great with saving, so I'll have to make up for it this month.
* Start sewing the quilt I have planned for my little girl. I have cut out all the pieces now it's time to put it together.
* Start yoga classes.
* Plan more yummy healthy meals.
* Prepare the nursery, we got our cot and change table last week so we can make a start.  This also means      cleaning out the sewing room as we will have to combine the study into it.  I plan on selling a whole heap of stuff on eBay.
* See more friends, I haven't got to spend much time with some of my friends lately and I'm really starting to miss them.
*Clean my car!

I have had a really great summer, but I am also looking forward to the change of season and some cooler weather....porridge, warm cups of tea, cardigans and scarfs, and snuggling up with Mikey, I can't wait.


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