Thursday, 9 February 2012

19 weeks

Our baby is the size of a mango.  At this stage, her five senses are starting to develop.  The nerve cells serving each of her senses - taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch - are now developing in their specialised areas of her brain.  She now measures around 15 cm and weighs about 240g.  She now has roughly six million eggs in her ovaries!

I am finally starting to look pregnant, instead of looking like I've been eating too much dessert. I got my maternity clothing for work, and it is frigging ridiculous; the pants have an insanely massive crotch and expand to about double the size on either side.  The shirt is also massive and is more like a dress, but I would be unable to wear it as one as the buttons only come to the crotch so you would be able to see my underwear.  Just cause I'm pregnant doesn't mean I have to look frumpy and ugly...ssshhheeshh

We went to our first pregnancy education class at the hospital.  We learnt about all the terrible things your body can do during pregnancy (hello varicose veins in the vulva!),  how to exercise our pelvic floor and transverses abdominal muscles,  how to look after our back, and how to poo correctly!  Ummm that's right, who knew it was all so complicated?


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