Thursday, 19 January 2012

Oh Baby

Since finding out that i'm pregnant, I have been on-line fairly constantly searching for awesome baby goods.  Here are a few things I've recently found that just make me want to squeal everytime I look at them.
For a little lady Nautical Darling Sailor Tutu

And if I have a little gentleman Little Gentleman Houndstooth Suit & Jacket

Love this Doe Faux Taxidermy

This is so cute, I'm thinking of making something similar Forest Little Creatures Mobile

I can't wait to decorate the nursery so I can put up something like this Forest Creatures Wall decal


paperdoll said...

Oh my fucking gosh.


Please hurry up and have this baby already! I can't wait xxx

paperdoll said...

P.s That website is so good. If you have a girl you must buy her this kimono dress as it's alomost too cute to handle.

Sentimental Heart ♥ said...

Oh my that is cute...I'll definitely be adding that to the shopping cart :)

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