Wednesday, 8 August 2012

4 Weeks

Wow, how time flies!  It's been 4 weeks since I gave birth and boy has the time gone by quickly. I still have to pinch myself sometimes with the realisation that I have a daughter and I'm a mummy. Mikey started back at work this week, it's so strange here without him and I miss him like crazy. He has been so fantastic taking care of me, these last couple of weeks and has been my rock, which you really need after having a baby. I could of never of imagined how emotionally unstable you become, one minute you are feeling unbelievable joy, then you start crying and then irritated, it's a complete whirlwind of emotions. My sisters have also been a great support, I don't know what I would of done without them. They both have 4 children so it's nice to get advice off someone who has done it before. How they look after 4 children is beyond me, geez 1 is hard enough! So now I'm at home with Violet and I really don't know what to do with myself. We are slowly starting to get into a routine, once that is established I think things will get easier and I will be able to plan out my day a little better.  I might start going on walks this week,which should hopefully break up the day and motivate me. I haven't done much exercise since her birth and haven't really been able to walk for long periods of time without getting exhausted and hurting due to the surgery. But I am feeling a lot better this week, simple tasks like getting up and down the stairs and cooking ect. are getting easier and I have more energy to do them, finally!

Play time

Smiles already, my heart melts when ever I get a cheeky grin

Our first outing to the Botanic Gardens

Bath time


Tip Moore said...

SUPER adorable, cannot wait to meet her in person!!! Just wanted to come and check out your blog and of course say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY mama! ;-)


Pink Parri said...

Such a cutie! :) good to hear about how you are doing! :) xoxo

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