Thursday, 21 June 2012

38 Weeks

Wow she's gotten big, she is now the size of a watermelon (a small one I hope!). Our baby's about to greet the world! But only 5% of babies are born on their due date and a whopping 75% are born later. She's building a layer of fat and is shedding the greasy, white substance which has been protecting her skin. It's likely she already measures about 51cm and weighs a bit over 3.2kg

I first wore this dress here at 17 week, it fits me a little differently now.
I write these posts at the end of my 38/37 ect. week, so this  means I now only have ONE week until my due date! Although I am not yet really uncomfortable, and am still enjoying my pregnancy I feel really impatient and I would very much like to have this baby sooner then later.  But I will miss being pregnant, and have a big list of things I will miss:
my big belly, people are nicer to you and you get special treatment (people offer you the place in line/there seat), the lovely looks from complete strangers, feeling the baby kick, having great skin and nails, feeling really healthy (I guess it's probably cause of the no drinking and really watching my diet), dressing around my belly.
Ok, and there are also some things I look forward to: 
sleeping on my belly (I am so freakin sick of sleeping on my side!), not having to wake up a million times a night to go to the toilet (I guess this will be exchanged for a crying baby) being able to pick things up from the floor with out it being a ordeal, fitting into clothes with a waistline,  I think that's it, oh wait, having a baby...duh. 
I've really enjoyed this whole pregnancy thing, I must admit the beginning was a bit shit, although I didn't really get nausea, I did feel so incredibly tired all the time.  Other than that it's been wonderful. I hope by this time next week I don't have to write one of these post and I have my beautiful gorgeous darling in my arms, but we'll just have to wait, wait, wait and see.


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Eeeee! So exciting ^_^

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