Thursday, 14 June 2012

37 Weeks

(I've been playing music to her from about 21 weeks, she seems to really like it,
well she is certainly more active when I put the head phones on my belly)

They say she is the size of a Winter Mellon. With baby's head now in my pelvis, she has more room for her growing legs. If her head has engaged and is cradled in my pelvis, she'll have more room for her 2.8kg body and 50cm length. Many babies now have a full head of hair.

I'm now less fearful and more excited about child birth. I really can't wait to meet this little person and as I'm now considered full term, it could happen any day now, it's just a matter of when?  I have been watching a program called One Born Every Minute, I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing to watch when your about to go into labour. But it is very interesting to see how different people handle pain, and it makes me wonder what I'll be like. I'm not really sure what my pain tolerance is like to be honest, the only pain I've really had to endure is getting a tattoo and well I think I handled it ok, but I guess it's a completely different pain.
I'm quiet ready to have this little bub, my labour bag is packed, baby bag pack, birth plan typed out, car seat installed, labour songs on c'd, pretty much everything is set to go.


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