Wednesday, 16 May 2012

33 Weeks

She is now the size of a Durian (ouch).  She might be positioning herself for birth now - upside down and head down.  Although she might be perfectly positioned now, some babies do decide to turn around again.  She now weighs in at about two kilograms and measures approximately 44 cm from head to toe.

I've have a much better week emotionally I guess, definitely a lot less tears anyway.  I've had lots of family time with my brother staying with us, trekking up the coast and visiting my other brother where he is staying.  It's been really great. They will be heading home this week, which is really upsetting.  Who knows how long it will be before I get to see them again.
I've had some short sharp pains in my cervix,  which my sisters have assured me is pretty normal, but I'll have to check it out with the mid wife at my next appointment.  I've also been getting period like pain, and back pain, nothing too bad, but just something I've noticed.


paperdoll said...

Cute scarf :-) Did you make it?


Thanks and I did...It was my first crochet project :)

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