Thursday, 3 May 2012

31 Weeks

So now she is the size of a pineapple (doesn't that conjure up horrifying imagery?).  She's running out of space!  Her arms, legs and body are still filling out - and at last they're proportional in size to her head.  In fact, she's looking more like a newborn.  She's now weighing in at about 1.5kg and measures about 41cm from crown to toe. It's no wonder she's running out of space.

Had a midwife appointment today and everything is coming along well, I love hearing that little "chuga chuga" sound when they use the doppler to hear her heart beat.  I really hope I have the midwife we saw today when I go into labour; she was really lovely.  She went over alot of labour options and it occurred to me that it's quite possiable this baby could be born really soon. A friends sister has just had her baby 5 weeks early, I have always thought I would go fairly close or even over my due date, as from most of the stories I have read many first mothers go over their due date.  If I go early I could quite possibly have this baby at the end of this month or early June!!!  Argh...I'm so not ready for that!  So I have to start writing up a birth plan,  organising a playlist and finalise the nursery and probably plenty of other things I need to prepare.
My ribs are starting to take a beating from little legs kick me there; aside from being uncomfortable it makes me really breathless.  I only really notice that at the end of day when I'm relaxing on the couch or when I sit.   Oh yeah and I have started to notice her hiccupping, it's so cute, Mikey can feel it too.


paperdoll said...

Whoa! Your belly is so big, you look like you really could have her any day now. Exciting!

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