Thursday, 12 April 2012

28 Weeks

This week she is the size of a Rutabaga (what ever the hell that is) which is about 38cm.  She can now blink her eyes, which now sports lashes.  She'll also turn in direction of light if she notices bright light shining through the wall of my uterus.  Her fat layers are starting to form as she gets ready for life on the outside.  Her bones are nearly developed too, but they're still pliable.

We went to a mid wife appointment this week and everything is coming along nicely; she is facing downward, but she can still move around in there, so that may change, but hopefully not.  I also had a glucose test done, that's were they give you a sugary drink and then take some blood an hour later.  I'll get the results for that in a couple of days.  I really hate having to interact to the people at the hospital, they are just so mean, and lack basic people skills, which you would think would be part of your job description working at a hospital.  Luckily all the midwives I have seen have been friendly and I hope it stays that way, I really don't want a cranky bitch when I'm giving birth.


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Cute pregnancy outfit!

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