Thursday, 29 March 2012

26 Weeks

Little bub is about the size of a lettuce.  Her eyes begin to open around now and her response to sound is more consistent.  Toward the end of the seventh month, the network of nerves to her ear is complete, which makes her response to sound better.  She now measures about 35.6cm and about 760grams.  She's still continuing to take small breaths and, although she's only breathing in water and not air, it's good practice for when she's born.

This week has definitely been better then last week.  I feel less anxious about work and I feel less home sick towards my old job, although by the end of the day I am absolutely shattered and I have been waking up tired and sore (boo hoo hoo).  Her kicks are getting stronger and stronger, they have actually made me gasp.  Mikey had is hand on my belly and I could see his hand vibrating from her big kicks.  I've also started to feel her around my ribs, which is pretty uncomfortable, and I can only imaging that it is going to get worse.  That being said I absolutely adore be pregnant,  the second trimester has been really great and I love watching my belly get bigger and bigger. 


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