Thursday, 2 February 2012

18 weeks

Baby is the size of a sweet potato.  Soft cartilage-like bones are starting to harden, making calcium and vitamin D an important part of your diet ( explains why I have been craving so much dairy).  Reflexes are almost fully developed.  The fetus hiccups, yawns and moves around inside the womb.

Yep, I can definitely feel the baby kick; I thought I could feel it last week, but had been advised it starts off as  a fluttering or bubbleish feeling.  It doesn't feel like that, it's more like a small spasm in my stomach or a tiny kicking feeling, I can't wait until Mikey can feel it too, it's the best feeling.  We went to our 18wk scan this week (our first scan) I was so excited I had trouble sleeping.  Now I can stop calling the baby, baby or it, and start using SHE! We were both hoping for a girl (not that we would of cared if it was a boy) so we are pretty happy. She is healthy and a real wriggler, the ultrasound person had trouble getting some shots as she was moving so much.  It was really amazing to see our baby and pretty emotional.
We decided not to get the 12wk scan as they are mainly checking for down syndrom, and had heard  stories of other people being told that their baby would be highly likely to have it, then it turns out they don't, so we weighed up all the pros and cons of this scan and decided not to have it, mainly so we didn't have to worry unnessesarily.  Ironicly I did worry because we didn't have it,  so next time (if there is a next time) I think I'll get that first scan done.  It's really reassuring to see your baby on that screen.
Before the scan, I had to drink 500ml of water then hold for almost 2hrs.  I have the most pathetic bladder and have to pee every 5 mins, so this was really hard for me, especially when the sonographer pushed the ultrasound into my bladder!


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