Thursday, 12 January 2012

15 Weeks

(Me without make-up, looking red eyed and sick, but at lest I got out of my pyjamas)

Baby is about the size of an orange this week, it's eyelids are still closed but the eyes may now perceive light and it may have started to suck it's thumb (awww)
This week is fairly similar to last week where I have been sick with this stupid cold, which has now turned into sinus infection (yay) I can't wait to shake it...I JUST WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE (a little dramatic I know, but hey I'm pregnant; I'm allowed)
Some unexpected changes I've noticed since becoming pregnant is that my nails are much stronger and grow really quickly, my heels have become quite dry, I am always thirsty; this is particularly annoying at night as I also have to pee more now that I'm pregnant, so I have lots of trips in the middle of the night,  I get full a lot quicker, so I have to eat lots of little meals.
I'm finding some of my clothes are getting pretty tight, mainly jeans. My sister gave me a belly belt/extender, although I'm not big enough for that yet; I guess I'm in that in between stage.


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